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Viktige album

The Allmann Brothers Band : The Allman Brothers Band ( 1969)

Review : This might be the best debut album ever delivered by an American blues band, a bold, powerful, hard-edged, soulful essay in electric blues with a native Southern ambience. Some lingering elements of the psychedelic era then drawing to a close can be found in "Dreams," along with the template for the group's onstage workouts with "Whipping Post," and a solid cover of Muddy Waters' "Trouble No More." There isn't a bad song here, and only the fact that the group did even better the next time out keeps this from getting the highest possible rating.

Bandmembers : Gregg Allman - Organ, Keyboards, Vocals  Dickey Betts - Guitar, Vocals Duane Allman - Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Slide Guitar  Jai Johanny Johanson - Percussion, Conga, Drums Berry Oakley - Bass Butch Trucks - Percussion, Drums, Maraccas, Timbales

Songs :1. Don't Want You No More (Davis/Hardin) - 2:26  2. It's Not My Cross to Bear (Allman) - 5:03  3. Black Hearted Woman (Allman) - 5:10 4. Trouble No More (Waters) - 3:47  5.Every Hungry Woman (Allman) - 4:15   6. Dreams (Allman) - 7:20  7.Whipping Post (Allman) - 5:16

The Allman Brothers Band : At Fillmore East   ( Juli 1971)

Review : Whereas most great live rock albums are about energy, Live at Fillmore East is like a great live jazz session, where the pleasure comes from the musicians' interaction and playing. The great thing about that is, the original album that brought the Allmans so much acclaim is as notable for its clever studio editing as it is for its performances. Producer Tom Dowd skillfully trimmed some of the performances down to relatively concise running time (edits later restored on the double-disc set The Fillmore Concerts), at times condensing several performances into one track. Far from being a sacrilege, this tactic helps present the Allman's in their best light, since even if the music isn't necessarily concise (three tracks run over ten minutes, with two in the 20-minute range), it does showcase the group's terrific instrumental interplay, letting each member (but particularly guitarist Duane and keyboardist/vocalist Gregg) shine. Even after the release of the unedited concerts, this original double album (single CD) remains the pinnacle of the Allman's and Southern rock at its most elastic, bluesy, and jazzy.

Bandmembers :Gregg Allman - Organ, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals Dickey Betts - Guitar, Vocals Duane Allman - Guitar, Slide Guitar   Jai Johanny Johanson - Percussion, Conga, Drums, Timbales Berry Oakley - Bass, Guitar (Bass) Butch Trucks - Percussion, Drums, Tympani

Songs :1.Statesboro Blues (McTell) - 4:17    2.Done Somebody Wrong (James/Levy/Lewis) - 4:33    3. Stormy Monday (Walker) - 8:44   4.You Don't Love Me (Cobbs) - 19:15    5.Hot 'Lanta (Berry/Butch/Dicky/Duane/Gregg/Jai Johanny) - 5:17   6.In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (Betts) - 13:04    7. Whipping Post (Allman) - 22:56

Lynyrd Skynyrd : One More From the Road ( Sep. 1976)

Review : Double live albums were commonplace during the '70s, even for bands that weren't particularly good in concert. As a travelin' band, Lynyrd Skynyrd made their fame and fortune by being good in concert, so it made sense that they released a double-live, entitled One More From the Road, in 1976, months after the release of their fourth album, Gimme Back My Bullets. That might have been rather quick for a live album — only three years separated this record from the group's debut — but it was enthusiastically embraced, entering the Top Ten (it would become one of their best-selling albums, as well). It's easy to see why it was welcomed since this album demonstrates what a phenomenal catalog of songs they accumulated. Street Survivors, which appeared the following year, added "That Smell" and "You Got That Right" to the canon, but this pretty much has everything else, sometimes extended into jams as long as the Allmans on this record, but always much rawer, nearly dangerous. That catalog, as much as the strong performances, makes One More From the Road worth hearing. Heard here, on one record, the consistency of Skynyrd's work falls into relief, and they not only clearly tower above their peers based on what's here, the cover of "T for Texas" illustrates that they're carrying on the Southern tradition, not starting a new one. Like most live albums, this is not necessarily essential, but if you're a fan, it's damn hard to take this album off after it starts.

Bandmembers/ Musicians : Allen Collins - Guitar Artimus Pyle - Drums Steve Gaines - Guitar, Vocals Bill Powell - Keyboards Jo Jo Billingsley - Vocals Tom Dowd -  Vocals Leslie Hawkins - Vocals Sam McPherson - Harmonica Gary Rossington - Guitar, Keyboards Ronnie VanZant - Vocals Leon Wilkeson - Bass

Songs : 1.Workin' for MCA (King/VanZant) - 4:38    2. Ain't the One performed by Lynyrd Skynyrs - 3:37   3.Saturday Night Special (King/VanZant) - 3:51   4. Searching (Collins/VanZant) - 7:39    5. Travelin' Man (VanZant/Wilkeson) - 5:30    6.Simple Man (Rossington/VanZant) - 4:14    7. Whiskey Rock-A-Roller (King/Powell/VanZant) - 6:49 8.The Needle and the Spoon (Collins/VanZant) - 5:00   9. Gimme Back My Bullets (Rossington/VanZant) - 5:27  10. Tuesday's Gone (Collins/VanZant) - 4:17   11.Sweet Home Alabama (King/Rossington/VanZant) - 3:44    12.  Gimme Three Steps (Collins/VanZant)    13. |Call Me the Breeze (Cale)  14. T for Texas (Blue Yodel No. 1) (Rodgers)   15.  Sweet Home Alabama (King/Rossington/VanZant) 16. Crossroads (Johnson)  17. Free Bird (Collins/VanZant)

Little Feat : Little Feat ( 1971)

Review : It sold poorly (around 11,000 copies) and the band never cut anything like it again, but Little Feat's eponymous debut isn't just one of their finest records, it's one of the great lost rock & roll albums. Even dedicated fans tend to overlook the album, largely because it's the polar opposite of the subtly intricate, funky rhythm & roll that made their reputation during the mid-'70s. Little Feat is a raw, hard-driving, funny and affectionate celebration of American weirdness, equal parts garage rock, roadhouse blues, post-Zappa bizarreness, post-Parsons country rock and slightly bent folk storytelling. Since it's grounded in roots rock, it feels familiar enough, but the vision of chief songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Lowell George is wholly unique and slightly off-center. He sees everything with a gently surreal sense of humor that remains affectionate, whether it's on an ode to a "Truck Stop Girl," the weary trucker's anthem "Willin'," or the goofy character sketch of the crusty old salt "Crazy Captain Gunboat Willie." That affection is balanced by gutsy slices of Americana like the careening travelogue "Strawberry Flats," the darkly humorous "Hamburger Midnight" and a jaw-dropping Howlin' Wolf medley guest-starring Ry Cooder, plus keyboardist Bill Payne's terrific opener "Snakes on Everything." The songwriting itself is remarkable enough, but the band is its equal — they're as loose, vibrant and alive as the Stones at their best. In most respects, this album has more in common with George's earlier band the Factory than the rest of the Little Feat catalog, but there's a deftness in the writing and performance that distinguishes it from either band's work, which makes it all the more remarkable. It's a pity that more people haven't heard the record, but that just means that anyone who owns it feels like they're in on a secret only they and a handful of others know.

Bandmembers / Musicians :Ry Cooder - Guitar, Bottleneck Guitar Lowell George - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals Sneaky Pete Kleinow - Pedal Steel, Steel Pan Emilio Castillo - Saxophone Roy Estrada - Bass, Vocals, Vocals (bckgr) Mic Gillette - Horn Richard Hayward - Drums, Vocals, Vocals (bckgr) Elliot Ingber - Guitar Horn Stephen "Doc" Kupka - Saxophone Bill Payne - Percussion, Keyboards, Vocals Lenny Pickett - Saxophone Fred Tackett - Guitar, Mandolin, Trumpet Russ Titelman - Percussion

Songs : 1. Snakes on Everything (Payne) - 3:03  2.Strawberry Flats (George/Payne) - 2:21  3. Truck Stop Girl (George/Payne) - 2:29  4. Brides of Jesus (George/Payne) - 3:20  5. Willin' (George) - 2:23  6. Hamburger Midnight (Estrada/George) - 2:28  7. Forty-Four Blues: How Many More Years (Howlin' Wolf) - 6:27  8. Crack in Your Door (George) - 2:16   9.I've Been the One (George) - 2:20  10.Takin' My Time (Payne) - 3:46  11. Crazy Captain Gunboat Willie (George/Payne) - 1:56

Molly Hatchet - Locked And Loaded ( 2003)

2xCD, SPV Recordings/ Playground

Dette bandet har faktisk holdt det gående helt siden 1973. De platedebuterte i 1978, og har siden det hele ti album under beltet. Skal man regne med ymse live- og samleskiver blir det enda flere. Bandets driving force er gitaristen Bobby Ingram, som er eneste gjenværende originalmedlem hvis jeg har forstått det riktig, og som er den ansvarlige for at det fortsatt er liv i bandet.

Gud så skuffa jeg var den første gangen jeg slepa med meg et Molly Hatchet album hjem. Dette bandet har hatt noen av tidenes tøffeste albumcover, og det var selvfølgelig derfor jeg hadde investert mine surt ervervede spenn i akkurat dette bandet. Med coverbilder av vikinger med hevede økser, regnet jeg med at jeg hadde gjort en trygg investering i gata til Manninya Blade eller Faithful Breath. Der tok jeg feil!

Molly Hatchet spiller nemlig sørstatsrock, og det var ikke akkurat dette jeg forbandt med bandets image den gangen. Jeg var nok ute etter mer brutale saker, ja. Nå har det tydeligvis blitt andre tider, for jeg er nemlig dønn imponert av "Locked and Loaded". Dette livealbumet er spekket med knallåter, som alle er fremført røft og svingende. Gitararbeidet til Ingram er også meget imponerende. Sørstatsrock my ass…dette sparker rompe!

Selv om jeg ikke har noe egentlig forhold til noen av disse spora fra før av, kan jeg ikke annet enn tenke at jeg har gått glipp av noe virkelig stort. Det er ikke alle av de toogtjue spora her som er innertiere, men det må i alle fall gjelde for godt og vel søtti prosent av dem. Uansett er det for mange til å ramse opp her.

Anbefaling: Jeg kan nesten ikke vente med få begynne å lete etter Molly Hatchet vinyler på neste platemesse på Rockefeller. Jeg håper ikke du gjør det samme, for da får jo jeg konkurranse, men backkatalogen til bandet finner du sikkert på Cd også, kanskje til og med til nice price.

Tekst - Thomas Hansen